You Know You’re Sick of Winter…

27 02 2008

You Know you’re sick of winter when:

1) You’ve threatened to stop shaving your face until you have 3 consecutive sunny, 40* days, in a desperate attempt to blackmail some higher power into ending winter. Unfortunately for you, you’re house-mates have a lower tolerance thresh-hold for this behavior than the higher powers.

2) You start having vivid dreams about sunshine, grass and warm air, that leave you disturbingly happy until you get up and look out the window.

3) You start swearing at every patch of ice you see.

4) You regularly make comments about how much you’re sick of the weather to almost everyone you see, including complete strangers.

5) You start listening to Rammstein to get you through some of you’re runs (could anything but awful weather make you do that?), and you’ve memorized more than one German dance-metal song. You usually start humming one of these when you look at the weather forecast and see 2-4 inches of snow for Wednesday.

6) You have become terse and grumpy around people who live in Florida, especially when they talk about “that chilly 50 degree day we had last week.”

7) You’re looking up the Guiness world record for most consecutive blog posts complaining about the weather.

The Past Week of Running

11 02 2008

I’ve survived the snow so far, and managed to run at the prescribed 90% of my peak mileage this past week. Here’s a short recap:
Sunday: 17 miles at 8:55 pace. This is the longest run I’ve ever done. Yay! I spent most of the run truding through sludgy snow.

Monday: Rest. Ahhh.

Tuesday: 12 miles at 8:13 pace. Felt really easy. Goes to show what a difference good footing makes.

Wednesday: 7 miles at 10:30 pace. I was running in the middle of a blizzard, through about 10 inches of fresh snow.

Thursday: 9 miles at 8:30 pace. I was trying to go easy, and managed to. I listened to some really interesting stuff, and had a great run.

Friday: I ran twice, 3.4 in the morning, and then 6.8 later in the day, both at about 8:30 pace. I developed an unusual pain in my right ankle, that I think has something to do with running on snow.

Saturday: My interval day. 5 x 1K at V02 max pace, which turned out to be about 6:45 in snow. 2.75 mile warmup + cooldown, to total about 6 miles.

Total for the week, 60 miles.

As for this week, it started off with a high of -2 on Sunday, with windchill at about -35. I did not run, though I did enjoy some good local theatre. Today I got in 2 x 12 minutes at tempo pace, + 9 miles easy.

Oh, Not More Snow

5 02 2008

Yes- 7-13 inches expected over the next 24 hours.
I did get in another good run today, though. 12 miles @ 8:13 pace. For the first time ever, I ran with an ipod, something I haven’t really wanted to do before (normally I enjoy focusing on the run), but the boring weather prompted me to give it a try, and it really made the time fly by to listen to the phedipidations pod-cast. I may take it again tomorrow if the weather isn’t nice (and it wont be).
I also got in some more swimming time this morning- I’m seeing weekly improvements on my freestyle stroke.

Long Run

4 02 2008

I did my longest run to date this sunday- 17 miles through slushy snow. It was enjoyable, but I ended up going slower than usual. I had no route in mind beforehand, so I just wandered around, and ended up running through most of the downtown area and the west side of Madison, and over a few miles of the Ironman Wisconsin course.
The forecast for this week calls for 5-9 inches of snow tuesday night and wednesday… I’m pissed. Up ’til this afternoon it was supposed to be sunny and 30 midweek! Please come soon, spring!

Easy Run w/Strides

2 02 2008

This afternoon I ran an easy 3 miles with a few strides. I’m hoping to feel nice and loose for my long run tomorrow. I’m also hoping that all the snow on the ground will magically disappear, but that doesn’t seem too likely.
I watched the Wannamaker Mile today; Bernard Lagat is amazing!

VO2 Max Intervals

1 02 2008

This morning I ran 4 x 1 Kilometer @ V02 Max pace with 3 minutes rest. I had intended to do 5 repetitions, but it turns out that it’s more work to run through 1/4 inch slush than flat pavement, so I totally blew up after the 4th repetition. God, I’m tired of winter weather. It’s hard to tell whether I’m improving, or even hitting my paces, over such inconsistent terrain. I think I need a health-club membership next winter.
Well, enough whining.

It’s been ages…

31 01 2008

Well, I haven’t posted for quite a while, as you can see, but I’ve kept myself pretty busy…
New since last time:
1. I am 2.5 weeks into quality marathon training (Phase II in Daniel’s Running Formula). Still running 50-60 miles/week, but now with 2-3 quality runs per week. At this stage, I am emphasizing tempo-pace running to improve lactate threshold, and 3-5 minute intervals to improve VO2 max.

2. I’m really sick of cold weather.

3. I’ve got a cadence-measuring cyclocomputer, which makes riding on the trainer more enjoyable (it gives me a way to gauge performance, even though the speed probably isn’t accurate on the trainer).

4. I’m really really sick of cold weather.

5. Grades are back from the fall semester- 4.0!

6. Finally someone is organizing a race in the aforementioned cold weather. I’m kinda eager to do some racing again- see if I’ve improved at all over the last 3 months.

7. I’ve been getting in some swimming time. My wretched freestyle has improved to terrible, and with luck will be poor by the time the lake is warm enough to swim in this spring.

It’s been a foggy week here in Madison, WI, my home town…

7 01 2008


  • Type: Run
  • Date: 01/07/2008
  • Time: 18:17:20
  • Total Time: 00:48:00.00
  • Distance: 5.2 miles
  • Average Pace: 9:13.85/mile

I have the sneaking suspicion that the entire city has been transplanted into 19th century London.
I couldn’t see the watch on my wrist. Cars and people appear out of the fog as if some giant hand had plopped them down on the ground 20 feet in front of me. It was cool, but it made me more cautious a runner than I would normally be. So I just took it easy and tried to recover from my long run yesterday.

Long run…

6 01 2008


  • Type: Run
  • Date: 01/06/2008
  • Time: 19:32:46
  • Total Time: 2:14:00.00
  • Distance: 16 miles
  • Average Pace: 8:22.79/mile

Every time I write a ‘long run’ post I have this urge to make a naughty joke… but I resist it.
Anyway, I woke up this morning to find everything covered in massive banks of fog- and the temperature around 45*, the warmest it’s been in months. I started some pizza dough rising for this afternoon and set out on a 16 mile run, my longest ever. It was pretty cool, running through the fog, but I definitely felt my workload from the last 4 days- I want to go into long runs fresher than that in the future. I plan to avoid late parties (like this week), and I think that will help. Just a couple more weeks of this base-training stuff, and then I start the Jack Daniel’s Marathon program- Phase II! I should probably replace my running shoes before then- they’ve got about 750 miles on them now. I’ve been holding off because I’m tight on cash, but it’s probably time for a new pair if I want to avoid injury.
My summary for this week: 51.27 miles total
Monday 5.25 @ 8:47 (with strides)
Tuesday 5 @ 8:09
Wednesday 0 (I was being irresponsible)
Thursday 8.5 @ 8:55
Friday 8.2 @ 8:13
Saturday 8.4 @ 8:14
Sunday 16 @ 8:22

Cow Fractal

5 01 2008

Take a look at this:
cow fractal
I thought it was pretty hilarious. I couldn’t figure out if someone actually made it, or if it was computer-generated.