Bike the Barns

30 09 2007

Yesterday I participated in the incredibly fun MACSAC Bike the Barns Tour de CSA. This is the first time I’ve ever ridden more than 50 miles! I enjoyed it a lot, and I’m glad my girlfriend invited me along. There’s no way I would have done it if she hadn’t wanted someone to ride with.
So here’s how it worked: we started at Troy Gardens on the north side of town, eating a breakfast of croissants, whole-grain buns, and apples, all made locally. It was delicious, but it only got better from there.
We then biked 15-20 miles to Dream Farm, where we tasted goat cheese on crispy crackers, and saw some really cool goats (two sets of horns). A very few of us got to use the 1 porta-potty, but for those who didn’t want to wait in line for atleast 30 minutes, the only option was to hold it (or find a secluded patch of road, and…). After leaving Dream Farm, we biked another 10 or 12 miles to Vermont Valley Farm, where we ate a wonderful lunch (coming at just the right time, too) of all-local produce and breads.
After leaving Vermont Valley Farm, we biked another 20 miles through really monstrous hills (I think I might have been the only person who liked this stretch) to Primrose farm, for iced juices and artisan chocolate. At this point, my girlfriend and I jumped ship and biked straight home (about 10-12) miles instead of going all the way back out to Troy Gardens and having to come all the way back from there to get home. But still, it was great! I was surprised to find a bunch of people I knew were also doing the ride, and had a good chat with all of them.
My only regret: my pinkies have been numb for the last day and a half- I think I pinched a nerve from leaning on the handlebars for so long.

Now that I’ve biked 55 miles, and enjoyed it, I’ll start thinking about a 1/2 Ironman next summer.